Another Michael?

It’s awkward when you meet someone with the same name as you but it may be more awkward when you meet someone with the same name as your significant other. Imagine knowing three guys with the same name as your boyfriend and you live with them. This happened to one of my friends as she discovered that in her dorm three guys shared the same name as her boyfriend which was Michael and one lived in the same floor as her. The world appears to be a huge place but at the same it’s the smallest place we encounter. You meet people all the time and at the same time you may run into them all the time. Sometimes they have the same name as it happened with my friends but what’s interesting is that each individual has different meaning. Most of them can be stranger, some may be friends, and some can be close relationships. A name is a title with different perceptions that is given by the people interact. Who knows maybe you might share a name with someone but are perceived differently by others.

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