Can You Hide What You Don’t Have?

I have always like the Batman movies over the Marvel films because I have been obsessed with Batman since I was a little girl. As I grew up, more films were created about Batman and eventually about other characters such as the Joker. The Joker was the villain that everyone secretly rooted for and in the recent years new films have been created to show the side of villains we don’t get to see. Last October the film Joker was released and received much attention because it showed the Joker as vulnerable citizen who was battling mental illness. After watching this film, I was inspired to watch the Dark Knight Trilogy again and as I watched I was able to see a new of the Joker. As part of my research for my English paper, I had to search for sources and I found this article that suggested that the Joker did not have an identity. After reading this article, I realized that it made sense since no one really knows how the Joker became the villain of Gotham. We only what the Joker says in each film and based on the Joker’s character we can’t be sure if that’s even correct. The Joker becomes what others want him to be since he doesn’t know what else to be. Can the Joker lose his identity when he was never given one?

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