Iphone Addiction?

Every year a new Iphone is released with new features and people go out of their way to get one in their hands. Many don’t see the purpose of upgrading their phones to the newest model but they still do it. Society has caused people to feel pressured to buy anything that is trending and in this case Apple has accomplished selling to most individuals the same phone with a different appearance. Having the latest version of the Iphone makes people feel that they are better than others and is also part of the thrill to get the new model the fastest way possible. Don’t get me wrong I’m not coming after Apple since have an Iphone and I’m always tempted to buy the new version each year. I just think it’s interesting how phones can be perceived. An Iphone is an Iphone no matter what but the difference is that the old models do not represent being part of a trend. We have let phones define how we see others as any other materialistic things. We are addicted to the thrill of being better and showing off that is embodied in the ownership of an Iphone.

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