Twins, A Package Deal?

I have always been fascinated by the idea of twins at some point I wanted to have someone who looked like me but as time passed my opinion changed. I liked being the only version of myself and having someone who was a reflection of myself may have not been the best idea growing up. Although no one in my family was a twin, I met a few in my years. I remember being amazed as I met people that looked exactly like each other and I as I went to school I was able to befriend some twins. However, I was never able to become friends with both twins I was only able to become friends with one of them. Even to this idea whenever I meet twins I’m only able to become friends with one of them. I guess one is enough when it comes to twins. Twins are two individuals who have two perceptions of one person in this case of me and to one I may not be friend material. I guess I will keep encountering twins and one will at least like me 🙂

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